Pinkuu & compositing techniques

Co-created with Olov Burman.

Pinkuu is a character we are creating some short stories and use them to develop our unique compositing techniques.

Fagforbundet – Small Fish

Client: Fagforbundet
Production company:
: Merete Korsberg
Script and Direction: Endre Skandfer

Animation Studio: Damm it!
Co-Direction: Daniel Damm
Animation: Simone Cirillo, Daniel Damm
Ink & Paint: Kata Gugić,
Ana Guzmić, Lea Kralj Jager, Frej Bengtsson, Martin Nyberg

Background: Joao Moura
Character development: Dajana Dorkić, Endre Skandfer
3D Animation: Sebastiao Lopez
Simulation: Miroslav Brozović
Compositing: Daniel Damm, Johan Edström

Allergy Pills


An other collaboration with Fernando Peque. Using the frustration of working with allergies as fuel, as we set out to find new ways to make hand drawn animation look more like a painting or illustration.


Production : Damm it!
Direction And Animation : Daniel Damm
Concept and Background: Fernando Peque
Compositing: Dražen Željković, Daniel Damm

Additional Animation: Martin Nyberg
Ink and Paint: Daniel Damm, Sidonie Vidal, Rembert Montald
Additional illustrations: Rembert Montald
Music Composer: Pedro Marques
Sound Design: Pedro Marques
Voice Over: Alexandra Sirola

Rang-Tan, Greenpeace


Rang-tan is the story of a little girl and her orangutan friend forced from her forest home. Indonesian rainforests are destroyed to grow field upon field of dirty palm oil used to make the everyday products we use. It doesn’t need to be like this, big brands have a responsibility to make sure that the palm oil used in their products isn’t made at the greatest cost for our forests.


Direction : Lip Comarella, Simon Griesser
Production Management: Janet Smith (Passion Pictures)
Initial Character Dev.:Therese Larsson, Thibault Leclerq, Marceline Tanguay
Lead Character Animator: Borja Montoro
Additional Animation: Sasha Vernik, Marc Valls, Pablo Miro
Sound design: Lennert Busch

@ Damm it!

Character Compositing: Daniel Damm, Dražen Željković
Ink and Paint: Laura Barić, Lea Kralj Jager, Martin Nyberg, Petra Balekić
Additional Animation: Daniel Damm

Gas Station


A demo piece done with Salon Alpin for the ‘IFCC’ and ‘Artillery Second Shot’ creative conferences. The goal on our end was to create as much depth in the character as possible, without placing any extra brush strokes on the flat cell animation.


Art: Lip Comarella
Motion & Projection: Simon Griesser
Sound: Matthias Hacksteiner
Character Animation: Daniel Damm
Character Compositing: Dražen Željković

THU – Survival Guide


We got to team up with Victor Hugo and Fernando Peque to create an instructional video for the Trojan Horse was a Unicorn festival. Like the festival itself, this project was insanely fun and hectic to get through.


Producer: Andre Luis
Directed by: Victor Hugo Queiroz & Daniel Damm
Concepts, Script, Storyboard and Illustrations: Fernando Peque
Modeling, Look Development, Simulations, Lighting, Art Direction and Post Production: Victor Hugo Queiroz
Rigging By Klipcase Rigging Studio

Animation by Damm it!
Animation Director: Daniel Damm
Animators: Calle Halldin, Katarina Opić, Nico Mendes, Daniel Damm, Joanna Ullan Vieira, Guilherme Martins.
Audio By Jump Willy
Music: Sabrielle Augustin, Pedro Marques
SFX: Mauricio Dorey
Graphic Designer: Marisa Santos

101 Dalmatian Street

Client: Disney Channel EMEA
Production: Gigglebug Entertainment
Animation: Gigglebug Entertainment, Damm it!
Inbetweening: Damm it!
Ink and Paint: Damm it!

We had the pleasure to assist Gigglebug Entertainment with creating 30 gifs as digital content for the TV-Series 101 Dalmatian Street.

Thank You!