THU – Survival Guide


Producer: Andre Luis
Directed by: Victor Hugo Queiroz & Daniel Damm
Concepts, Script, Storyboard and Illustrations: Fernando Peque
Modeling, Look Development, Simulations, Lighting, Art Direction and Post Production: Victor Hugo Queiroz
Rigging By Klipcase Rigging Studio
Animation by Damm it!
Animation Director: Daniel Damm
Animators: Calle Halldin, Katarina Opić, Nico Mendes, Daniel Damm, Joanna Ullan Vieira, Guilherme Martins.
Audio By Jump Willy
Music: Sabrielle Augustin, Pedro Marques
SFX: Mauricio Dorey
Graphic Designer: Marisa Santos


We got to team up with Victor Hugo and Fernando Peque to create an instructional video for the Trojan Horse was a Unicorn festival. Like the festival itself, this project was insanely fun and hectic to get through.