PINKUU from Damm it on Vimeo.

What if you could achieve an animation style that LOOKS hand painted but it actually ISN’T!

We have been wondering the same and after years of experimenting in RnD we developed compositing techniques that recreate brush strokes and texturing normally seen just in illustrations. 

By analyzing how an illustration or concept art is painted, we can break down each component and recreate it in compositing.Once the preset creation is done, it works on every frame. Making each frame look hand painted without spending hours on it! Pretty great, huh?

So yes, we are saving precious time, but there is a hidden benefit…

The technique also removes any strobing between the images seen in animations that actually have been painted frame by frame. This allows for more subtle animation and gestures, without them disappearing under the strobing. 

Of course, would one wish to have a more jittery and stroby style of animation, our techniques makes it possible to add those variations between frames.

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